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Q: I have a Luzhong 454 and the rear lifter is not working.
A: There is switch located in the front of seat posiiton, it is for the control of hydraulic remotes and the lifter, counterclockwisely turn it to end, the oil flow of the lifter will close. If problem is not here, the lifter distributor valve should be jammed by dirty oil.
Q: Do you have an oil type you recommend or would the Nulon ISO 68 hydraulic fluid be ok?
A: Engine oil sump use SAE10W (below -5 degree Celsius) and SAE15W/40(above -5 degree Celsius)
Gearbox/rear axle/lifter/ front axle oil can use MF1135(Massey Ferguson) or M2C86A(Ford) or J20A (John Deere)
Brake system use SAE10W.
Q: My Luzhong 554 tractor cannot start...
A: Firstly check starter motor fuse-wire, then check cluch switch and starter relay, at last check ignition lock…
Normally problem is fuse-wire of the starter motor break off. This fuse-wire is in front of starter motor (not in the fuse-box).
Checking the clutch switch if it is failed, one way is connecting the wires behind the switch, if the engine can start by key, that mean clutch switch is failed...If it still cannot start by key through above method, then keep clutch switch to original and check fuse-wire...
Even if all above parts failed, we use key or screw driver to connect the 2 polars in front of starter motor, it can make engine start.
By the way, Luzhong 25 series tractor has no this fuse-wire.
Q: Brake lining is 100% resin with NO asbestos?
A: Yes.Luzhong 25 series brake use non-asbestos and Luzhong 40 series brake material is from paper (resin).
Q: Can you supply other tractors and implements besides Luzhong?
A: Yes.
Q: What size for tractor clutch?
A: Luzhong 25 series use 9” clutch and Luzhong 40 series use 10” clutch.
Q: Why my tractor clutch is not good as the beginning when we use for some time? On the other words, why clutch treadling range becomes longer?
A: Gag lever post of clutch need to adjust when tractor use for some time. When tractor use for long time the free path of clutch will loose, so need to tighten it according to clutch free path.
Q: What oil filer and fuel filter Luzhong tractor use?
A: Luzhong 250/254 use KM385 engine, oil filter is WB178 and fuel filter is CX0706
     Luzhong 300/304 use KM390 engine, oil filter is JX0811a and fuel filter is CX0708 (old Luzhong 300/304 use KM3T30 engine, oil filter is JX0710A and fuel filter is CX0706)
     Luzhong 400/404/450/454/500/504/550/554 use JD490/JD495 or Xinchai X495/JD4100 or SL4100/JD4102 or SL4105 engine, oil filter is JX85100C and fuel filter is CX7085/CX0708. New LZ404 use Changchai ZN490 engine, oil filter is J0810A and fuel filter is C0708B.
     Luzhong 800/804/900/904/1000/1004  use YTO engine, oil filter is JX0818A and fuel filter is CX0708(s)
     Please check your engine model before you buy oil filters and fuel filter. Also please understand some filter models can be used interchangeably.
Q: What category of 3 point linkage use?
A: Luzhong 25/30 series tractor use Cat-0, 35/40 series use Cat-I, 80 series use Cat-II.
Q: How to take off the bonnet of my LZ304 tractor?
A: Dismantle the small pieces from both sides of instrument panel, take out the pins of bonnet links and meanwhile disconnect telescopic strut.
Q: I have a light on, on the instrument cluster. Its lit up red and looks like an “o”. Can you tell me what that is?
A: It mean battery charging now.
Q: 55hp LZ having flashing red light with key removed?
A: There is a switch by the key,if this switch is on, it will be flashing light, it is for alarm use on the road stop.
Q:55hp having oil and battery and hours LED flashing with key is on position OFF
A:Possible problem is brake switch (under the floor)is damaged
Q:I was using it recently and have noticed that the lifter arms are dropping down on their own.
A:Plz open lifter and check, maybe O-ring inside damaged, more worse is a cylinder or distributor inside lifter damadged...